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Fall/ Winter 2008

Hello my lovelies.

So today I wanted to talk about the fall/winter 2008 trends/collections/major pieces/colors happening.
I had all this stuff I wanted to mention, but when my fingers hit the keyboard I froze and my mind went blank.  arg.  So I thought, okay, okay, I'll just post later tonight when perhaps I can get all of my thoughts together.  I was browsing through my youtube subscriptions when I came across one of my favorite vloggers and his video on the trends of this fall and winter.  PERFECT. muwaha.

Great vid.  Take a look.

This guy is totally fab.  You must watch more of his videos, but really take a look at this one.  I think he explains the trends very well.

I am most excited about the blacks and greys.  Two of my favorite colors, I hope to wear a lot more of them and see a lot of cute, interesting pieces.  I'm just a huge fan of darker colors for clothing anyway, so fall/winter is probably when I buy most of my clothes. :D  Leggings and skinny legs are still much in style, so keep them out a bit longer.  I think leggings and skinny jeans/pants are just so versatile and go with just about anything, they are great pieces to have.  If you watch the runway for fall/winter you see black and grey leggings and stockings everywhere!  Perhaps it's time to dig out your stockings, too, eh?  

In the vid above, he talks about beanies being huge this season, and I completely agree.  You see more and more celebrities tucking all of their hair into cute beanies for a more casual look and you definitely see them dotted around on models on the runway as well.  I'm not sure how I feel about beanies.  I think only certain looks can pull them off and I'm not sure if I'm one of them.  You might see me with one this winter though. :P  Celebrities are usually the first to follow the trends or looks from the runways, so if you're not so much into fashion magazines, then your gossip mags will work, too.  Celebs usually follow the good AND bad, so you can see all angles. ;)

One of my most faaaaavorite fall collections is Donna Karan's. OMG, LOOK.  Beautiful!!!!  I am a big fan of hers already (did you see spring 2008? *swoon*), but this collection is absolutely gorgeous.  I especially love the 1920's glam going on.  Look at the jackets and slip dresses!  Ah! XD XDD  (I want it all.)  I'm not a huge fan of some of the more feathered/furred type pieces, but the sleek slip dresses and pajama pants look so effortless.  Like DK says in her interview, "you go into your closet, throw them [clothes] on, and you're ready to go".

Ah *sigh* I adore fall and winter; my fav seasons of the year. :D

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